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We're Nikita and Irene with BZ Kids and we have been making 'Kids Fun Paks' for 25 years.  We sell exclusively to the auto market and have many loyal customers.

Here's the deal... let us design a Kids Fun Pak for you.   No charge.  We'll send you a case of 50 and bill you net 30.  At the end of thirty days if you haven't sold at least one extra unit because of our product... We'll tear up your bill.  No joke... no strings.

All we ask is that you use them.  Give 3 or 4 to each salesman and tell them if a child gets unruly or antsy to give the 'pak' to the parent.  The parent will be immediately indebted to your agent and when they give the 'pak' to the child... the kid goes from 60 to 0 in 2 seconds flat and gives your rep a chance to close a deal.

These 'paks' work and they work great.  Use them in sales, service... or on the lot to move folks inside.  Our larger dealerships just keep ordering more.

You've got nothing to lose and when you see success, pay us.  Its only about $120.00 and one sale pays for way more than a case and gives you 50 chances to make or save a deal.

A phone call or email is all it takes.  Anyone here will be glad to help.

Thanks for your time,

Nikita Biber                    Irene Burrell 

Nikita Biber                                                                       Irene Burrell

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